Your Website is Your Hub

Your Web Site is your Online Hub

Your business website is your hub - the center of your online marketing universe.

When you’re spreading the word about your business online, all roads must lead back to your website. Tweeting all day, building a heavy Facebook following, even handing out business cards at a trade show – if they don’t lead the people you meet back to your site, you’re wasting your efforts.

You should consider your business website as part of your sales team. Prospects who have decided they are interested enough to become part of your sales funnel are already talking to you. The rest still need to be convinced, and your website is the way to make it happen. It should provide enough information to allow prospective customers to do adequate research about your products or services and provide clear, concise ways for them to indicate their further interest.

Social media is a great way to drive interested people back to your site, but I see too many people just post for the sake of posting. It’s actually a great idea to intersperse your marketing messages with the occasional personal update and to engage in online conversations – social media is all about personalizing the communication – but you need to provide consistent links back to your site and encourage your followers to visit. If they don’t visit, how will they get into your sales funnel?

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